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New Edge is a game development studio.
We are seasoned gamedev veterans working on casual
and mid-core projects

Find the Sheep

New Generation Of Hidden Objects Game. Welcome to the bright universe of unusual puzzles, abstractions and colorful doodles. Explore fabulous worlds, find hidden objects and solve brain teasers. This game is charged with colors, elaborate details, unbelievable fantasy and a light bit of madness. It’s a real visual and aesthetic feast for true fans.

Idol Tower

Welcome, Producer! Be the hero of your very own Tower as you design and create a beautiful, bustling skyscraper. Every decision is yours as your building gets larger and more intricate. Make smart choices to keep your stars happy and your income growing. Build your way to extraordinary!

Let’s Cats

Easy to play! Just swipe letters to find words in anagrams. Enjoy a classic word puzzle! Entertain your friends and family with fantastic new game. Guessing words together is just as fun as playing on your own! Challenge your brain and vocabulary. This word game starts easy and quickly becomes challenging!

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